Collection: Ocho Bracelets


The Ocho Bracelets are intricate statement pieces with miniature seed beads that create various patterns. It is made with 8 strands of Japanese glass beads circularly braided together, making it a perfect width to wear alone or as a stack for a bohemian look.

The Artistry:


Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese form of braiding using multiple strands of cord and/or ribbon.

The Ocho collection is made with an 8 warp string to make a round spiral braid also known as Kongo Gumi. 

In the Jewelry world, artisans have been adding Japanese or Czech glass seed beads (which are the top quality seeds beads in the market) to their Kumihimo braids. The results are stunning as it showcases the quality of the beads with the natural spiral formation of the braid.