About Southeast Sparrow

Hi, my name is Savannah and I'm a wife and mother of 3. I'm the main jewelry maker here at this little online shop southeastparrow.com that opened in November 2020. Southeast Sparrow is born out of my love of jewelry making. I visited a bead and jewelry supply store 5 years ago and kept making little arm candy trinkets ever since. I work out of my now basement studio in my home here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

My hobby of custom making jewelry was created because I was looking for something more personal to wear than generic mall style accessories. I started dabbling with wooden beads, pearls and gemstones. I created pieces for myself. Eventually, I fell in love with creating seed bead braided bracelets using a technique called Kumihimo. Kumihimo is a Japanese art of braiding. Coincidentally, the seed beads I love to use are Japanese as well! I love the ability to be able to design patterns with various different colours with this technique. 

Opening up a shop online was inspired by the entrepreneurial history of my family with handcrafted goods. As a Canadian immigrant, I still feel very connected to my home country of the Philippines, which is in Southeast Asia, hence the name Southeast Sparrow. It was there that I was immersed in seeing handcrafter’s work living above a shop from birth until I was 7. My grandmother owned and my mother managed this shop that started with Macrame and evolved into rattan home decor and furniture. Seeing artisans perfect their craft inspired me as an adult to work with my hands and create. 

Today, Southeast Sparrow is also a family affair with my teen daughter Edith helping me with creating pieces to stock. She also have designed a few pieces herself! My husband Dave helps with market set-ups and deliveries. While our 2 boys give me lots of hugs and kisses for support.


Southeast Sparrow is a childhood dream of a creative outlet that came to life. It’s accessories with colour palettes and textures reflecting your season, your mood, your personality. It’s intricate designs to style your life. Your choosing to shop small encourages me to keep on designing and creating. See how your orders also make an impact with our giving initiative to charities. I believe is crucial for us to support local charities that help those who needs mental health, trauma, abuse and addiction to recovery support. Also, since I am still very connected to my birth country, I hold a few fundraising efforts a year to charities that help with natural disaster rebuilding in the Philippines. To learn more about our giving initiative, see https://southeastsparrow.com/pages/giving.

If you would like to see more behind the scenes of what is coming up with new materials, designs and products, follow my Instagram/Tik Tok at @southeastsparrow and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SoutheastSparrowJewelry/

Thank you so much for being here and getting to know the brand!