Southeast Sparrow Community Giving Initiative

As people, we have a drive to give our time, love, care and money to those we love and issues that matters.

At Southeast Sparrow, 10% of ALL sales goes to a charity for 2021 onwards. This excludes any specific fundraising jewelry on sale, which 100% of the profit goes to that specific charity.

2 Charities will be chosen each year, with each getting 10% of sales for 6 months of the year.

For January 2022 to July 2022, 10% of ALL your purchases will go to Harmony House Women's Shelter. Thank you to my Instagram Story followers for voting for this wonderful charity.

"Harmony House is Ottawa’s only second-stage women’s shelter. We bridge the gap between a woman needing a crisis shelter to eventually being able to live independently in the community.  We are able to do that by providing safe, affordable transitional housing for women and children while they work through their trauma, learn new skills (how to budget, pay rent, further their education, etc), and have assistance with on-site childcare. Unfortunately, 50% of women who leave an abuser, end up returning to them as they do not have the resources or skills to live on their own – Harmony House aims to break that cycle and empower women to live independently."


Previous Contributions:


Last August 2021 to December 2021, 10% of ALL your purchases went to Ottawa Mission

See the Instagram Highlights "Charity" when your contribution was given last January 13th, 2022.

"With homelessness on the rise, housing has been declared an emergency in Ottawa.  That’s why The Mission addresses immediate needs while collaborating with community partners to prioritize long-term solutions for poverty and homelessness. Our wide array of programs and services enable people to improve their lives and build brighter futures."

see more about Ottawa Mission's work here.



Last February to July 2021, 10% of ALL your purchases went to Jericho Road.

See Jericho Road's post about your contribution through Southeast Sparrow.

"Jericho Road is a community of people who have a passion for moving from addiction to connection through personal relationships and lived experience in our men’s 9 month residential addiction treatment program, weekly support meetings and community connections. We have been providing addiction recovery to Ottawa for 25 years, and while our public face has evolved over the years, our heart remains the same when we serve without discrimination to any person experiencing addiction.

While our treatment program is a men’s facility, we understand the grip of addiction can reach far beyond the individual into the lives of their families, friends and community. Because of this our programs have expanded into a weekly Family Support group, our 3 O’clock Talks weekly podcast/mini-series on social media and the Insights into Addiction workshop.  
Together, we do recover."


"Moving from addiction to connection through peer-mentoring, staff with lived experience, recovery meetings & community engagement, we build a community of inclusion that reaches far beyond the individual experiencing addiction to their families, friends and greater society."


Learn more about Jericho Road 

If you or someone close to you is struggling and want to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact them.