Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the the jewellery made?

Everything in the shop is handcrafted here by myself, Savannah in my home studio in Orleans (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada.


Do you have certain gemstones or jewellery that doesn't have beads in it?

While I have some gemstones in some pieces in past and current collections, my specialty is beadwork jewellery with glass seed beads. I also carry pearls because it's a personal favourite and preference of mine over gemstones. 


What are glass seed beads?

Seed beads are tiny beads like seeds hence the name. They are made of glass and I used the kind that are made in Japan that are called Toho and Miyuki. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and durable colour finishes that are high quality and uniform which make them great for any beadwork art. I also sometimes use glass seed beads from Czech Republic which are called Preciosa Czech.

You can also buy glass seed beads from China which are cheaper but are not as great of a quality as the Japanese or Czech ones.


What kind of pearls do you use?

The pearls I use are freshwater cultured pearls. 

The fact is the majority of the freshwater pearls come from culture farms in China. They basically were the 1st to culture pearls! 
If you want an interesting read about how they started it, click this PBS article here or this Wikipedia article.
As much as I would LOVE to source my pearls from my birth country the Philippines - it is hard to do and will take time to do so. Why? They only culture South Sea pearls which are the largest, rarest - thus most expensive cultured pearl! It can cost hundreds if not thousands per (1) ONE pearl.
So if and I hope when I do find the Philippines culture farm supplier that can supply small quantities, I will be sure to share it with you!
For now, I do have a reputable and reliable source from China and have certificate grading for their Freshwater pearls. The ones I get are usually nuggets, rice and Keshi - all AA to AAA graded (AAA being the highest). The more A's the better!


I have sensitive skin, is your jewellery hypo-allergenic?

All jewellery are sensitive skin safe.

The gold plated brass are nickel free with an e-coating for extra protection. We also have stainless steel in some pieces which has less than 20% nickel which does not release sufficient amounts of nickel to produce a reaction.

If you are extremely highly allergic to metals that are not sterling silver or gold, we offer some jewellery that are 925 sterling silver and 14k Gold Filled.


Do you make the metal work yourself?

The metals I use are 18k gold-plated brass or stainless steel, 14k gold-fill and 925 sterling Silver.

I do some Metalwork forged or wire-wrapping work for mostly earring components. I purchase the 14k gold fill or 925 silver wires from metal suppliers within Canada.

Other metal components I cannot create myself like chains or thicker earring components are sourced from trusted metal suppliers in Toronto & USA (Gold filled and Sterling Silver) and Quebec (18k gold-plated Brass or stainless steel).


What is the difference between gold plated and gold filled?

Gold plating is a process or electroplating brass or stainless steel with a thin layer of 18k gold. 

Gold filled is a heat-bonding 14k sheet of solid gold to a brass or silver base/core making it more durable and have the benefits of solid gold jewellery without the high price tag.


How do I care for my beaded jewellery?

Beaded jewellery have more varying components to it that require specific care. All the details can be found on this page.


When will be my order be made and delivered?

All production and shipping are done in my home studio and you can find all the details on this page.


More FAQ's will be added here as I go! If you have a question not answered here, feel free to contact me here or on Instagram.

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